Process Development

 JJC Dev. focusing on fundamentally improved approaches to organizing the development coating process, reducing waste, and providing products to meet customer needs in order to respond to global competition in our partner’s targeting markets as well as compete effectively on a global basis. Integrated product development practices (IPD) and time-to-market are key elements in competitive success. During the process developing, we focusing on the following items,


Cost A strong emphasis on target costing, design-to-cost, value engineering, and design for manufacturability.

Quality / Reliability / Dependability A disciplined and rigorous product development process. Strong focus on understanding customer needs and providing products that meet those needs. Heavy emphasis on testing and qualification. Processes are oriented to self-checking and adjustment and use of computer- aided inspection and test equipment.

Time-to-Market Use of modular design approaches. Sufficient resources to undertake development processes underway. Continuous surveillance of the marketplace and understanding of customer needs.

Innovativeness / Technology A technology plan and roadmap based on the business and product strategy and plan. Effective technology management. Process to review new technologies developed outside for applicability internally. Investment in new process technology.