Impact Pulse Spray Coating

                                          The best precision coating solution


“Impact pulse spray”(IPS) combine fast valve delivery control (millisecond level) and  precision air pressure setting, the coatings is dispersed by special designed nozzle to become ultra fine particle mist, then impact on the substrate to stack up an uniform coating layer to from ideal coverage. With IPS process, customers can easily coat different layer structure (high density, porosity..) on complex surface morphology.
Compare to traditional air atomizing spray process, IPS could provide extreme low coating flow rate control, higher loading stability and better material usage.


pHigh material transfer efficiency
Compared to conventional air-atomizing spray method, the impact pulse spray method improve material transfer efficiency more than 100%.
pLow coating flow rate
By the special pulse control design, spray flow rate can be greatly reduced. It saves more cost and provide users lots of benefits especially in low flow rate coating.
pExcellent coating uniformity & coverage
IPS coating has great uniformity by repeated pulses coatings on substrate. Even in highly complex substrate morphology, IPS can achieve good coverage with uniform coating layer.
Special slurry handling system
IPS coating system provides different kinds of slurry handling system for variety coating solutions. Especially the slurry with a powder and heavy particles, IPS slurry handling system provides a great slurry consistently and can effectively maintain the stability of slurry. By pulse control valve design, it prevents not only the precipitation of powder, but the spray nozzle clogging problem.
pFast curing and drying
The explosion-proof chamber has been design in IPS coating system for high sensitive/ high solvent content coating slurry. Vacuum and heating table are options to improve the heating and drying efficiency of the coating substrate.